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Sport Tactics

What does a Basketball Coach Do?

A basketball coach description can vary depending on the age and playing level of the team members. Basketball coaches coach children in little league, middle and high school, as well as in much more competitive arenas like college and professional basketball leagues.

A basketball coach instructs players at practice and during games. He or she is also responsible for designing plays and strategies for the team.


the skills and abilities of the players on the team and puts each player in the most suitable position.


and understands the basketball league rule book and any changes that are made.


to make quick decisions under pressure and able to effectively handle stress and keep the temper in check.​


and uses each player’s specific talents to devise plays and playing strategies for games.


the fundamentals of the game of basketball and have the ability to motivate players to reach their potential.

Work Environment

A great deal of standing, walking back and forth on the basketball court and even running up and down the court.

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